Princess Betony and the Rule of Wishing

Princess Betony and the Rule of Wishing

When midnight came, Betony was trudging up the Hill with Clover. The lantern plants in the garden glowed golden bright, sending long fingers of shadow before them. The wind wuthered through the Standing Stones with a low, horrible voice. The sky was black and cloudy - no moon, and hardly any stars to be seen.


Princess Betony is thrilled that she finally might have a friend. Rosie’s niece Clover Pink has come to stay next door for a while and Betony is really looking forward to finding out what a real friend is.

It’s not as simple as all that when you are a Princess and your friend to be wants to become a witch. Ralph, the court wizard, has given Clover a wishing stone but if she wants to become his apprentice she must work out the Rule of Wishing before she uses it.

Can Betony help her new friend to achieve the magic she so desperately wants?


Can you help Clover to find Wizard Ralph's stone circle?

Click on Clover to find out.