Princess Betony and the Thunder Egg

Princess Betony and the Thunder Egg

A huge golden bird soared around the high ceiling of the throne room. The wind from its enormous wings blew back the curtains and made Betony's skirt billow. Once, twice, three times the bird circled the throne, then settled on the back of the throne itself. Folding its wings, it stared at them with disdain.

Silence fell.

The Wild Magic has chosen Princess Betony to collect a precious gift that must be protected at all costs.

Join Princess Betony as she travels through the Dark Forest where she must find a way past the sticky webs of the giant Silver Spiders to bring back the mysterious Thunder Egg from the Oldest Under the Mountain.


Can you make your way across the Dark Forest before the webs block your way or a spider catches you?

Click on the Silver Spider to find out.

The Thunder Egg is hidden in a maze of passages under the mountain. Can you help the Stone Creature find the way through?

Click on the Stone Creature to find out.